Moraft mission to promote and organize high level conferences focused on various research fields mainly focused on modern science, fundamental research and technology. These conferences are the best platform for accomplished scientists from various walks of life like, advance technological labs, accredited universities, colleges, Government research institutions.

Moraft facilitates to share and exchange ideas with open and in-depth discussions on subject matters that are specific to the scientific community. Learn and share the current developments and inventions that are happening across the Globe and bring awareness among scientific groups the challenges and provide solutions.

Moraft makes it easy by letting any qualified scientist to initiating a conference proposal. All proposals must be forwarded to Moraft Conference program manager. After his review content will be submitted to the evaluation committee. The results of the committee’s feedback will be communicated to the proposal submitted authority within 30-45 days if the proposal is accepted or need further details for review. Once the proposal is approved the conference chair is responsible for the subject matter, speakers, and participants including organizing the conference

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